Create new revenue by adding title sponsors to your mobile app πŸš€

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1-2 hours


Create an additional revenue stream by signing a title sponsor for your mobile app, which gives first rights to several sponsorship opportunities (banner ads, exclusive videos, fancam filters, and more). These assets are centered around the most highly valued placements in the app. These are the locations that everyone sees β€” no "advertising blindness" for these promotions!


Why it matters

For the 2019-2020 school year our College and High School Associations saw anywhere from 300K- 1.1 million launch screen impressions. Schools are on track to double that number in 2020-2021. πŸ‘  

Multiple FanThreeSixty clients have surpassed 1 million launch screen impressions within a single year

Getting Started

Work with FanThreeSixty to develop a scope and valuation for your title sponsorship, based on the following things:

  • A list of mobile sponsorship assets you want to package
  • Screen views & session data
  • Mobile engagement data (monthly active users, avg. engagement time, sessions per user)
  • Number of mobile communications sent

Adding an app header logo

First, you'll need to find or request the sponsor logo you'd like to use. The recommended format is:

  • File type: transparent PNG
  • Dimensions: 160x90 pixels
  • Horizontal logos work better for the app header

Add the logo to the Sponsors dashboard

  1. In FanThreeSixty, navigate to Mobile > Sponsors
  2. Create a New Sponsor
  3. Type the name of your sponsor and add a logo to help you find it easily (this logo is for internal use only)
  4. Choose App Header
  5. Upload your app header logo. Give it a name. (We usually include the date in the name.)
  6. Click Finish

Display the sponsor asset in your app

Your logo is now saved as a trackable asset, but it won't show up in your app until it's published from the App Designer.

App Designer Screenshot

  1. Click  Go to App Designer button at the top of the sponsors page, or navigate to Mobile > App Designer
  2. In the Sponsored App Header Section, click Add 
  3. Choose the sponsor and asset that you just uploaded, click Add
  4. To make the logo visible in your mobile app, click the Publish button at the bottom of the page

Sponsor Logo App Header

In just a few minutes, you should see your sponsor logo in the app. It will also begin tracking impression and metrics. πŸ‘

Read more in the FanThreeSixty Knowledge Center:

Add Sponsored Assets to the App

Other sponsor placements

Because app store releases can take some time, a few sponsorable assets will not display instantly. Here are some great revenue opportunities that you may need to work with your Client Success rep to achieve:

  • Launch screen – Show a sponsor logo underneath your team logo every time the app is launched
  • Onboarding – When a fan downloads the app, they see a slideshow to welcome them and explain notable app features
  • Fan Cam – Create sponsored photo filters that fans can use. FanCam photos can be saved to fans' phones and will show up in a gallery in the app (after they're approved)


Tip - In the Sponsors dashboard, you can monitor impressions and engagement for individual assets

Title sponsorship allows brands to be integrated with your most passionate fans


Bringing on a title sponsor goes beyond the primary aim of building brand awareness into more crucial objectives, in order to connect fans with the sponsor’s product brand. Sports fans (and your fans in particular) are atypical customers given their levels of passion, loyalty, and engagement with your team. Title sponsorship allows brands to be integrated with your most passionate fans, and magnify the positive aspects of the relationship between fandom and sponsor image. In turn, driving future revenue through increased sponsor engagement, and return on investment.