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Your sales team’s time is valuable, and you don’t want them to waste their time on calls that don’t result in conversions. When you have a long line of potential leads, it can be daunting to know where to start. Using a metric like lead score can help you maximize your sales reps’ time by letting them focus on the fans most likely to convert. 

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Why it matters

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We analyzed the purchasing behavior of two sets of Rice fans over a period of several weeks. Fans who had been identified as Top Leads (ie, those with a lead score over 65) converted at a higher rate and spent about 2x more than those who were not top leads.

Top Leads converted at a higher rate and spend 2x more than other fans

In a sales effort where you’re casting a wide net—for example, converting new season ticket members—concentrating on top leads first can maximize the number of fans you convert and the revenue you make from those sales.

Getting started

Identify the audience you want to target. Use a prebuilt audience like Engaged Non-buyers, New Fans or even Top Leads itself, or build a custom one if needed.

Set up your program, including the audience, your workflow statuses and your associates. When you’re ready for your team to get to work, Activate the program.

premium icon-1 Top Leads is a premium audience available free for a limited time. If you don't have Top Leads in your platform and would like access to it, contact your client success rep.

Filtering by top leads

program fan list

Any sales rep can filter their leads list to see just the fans with a high lead score.

  • Click into the program

  • Click on the Filters pill at the top of the fan list

  • Scroll down in the filters modal and check the Lead score: 65+ filter

lead score filter


  • Click apply. Your list will now only show the fans with a high lead score. Work through this filtered list before moving on to the rest of your leads.

For more about Programs, visit the Knowledge Center.

Measuring Success

Conversion rate is the main metric for success in a program. This is the number of leads in your converted status divided by the total number of fans in the program.
You can see the conversion rate for each program on the programs page. You can also click on the metrics at the top of the fan list for a more detailed breakdown.

program metrics-1

As you work programs from season to season or for different sales efforts, you’ll be able to see trends in your conversion rates and the time it takes to reach your target.