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Staying connected with Season Ticket Members outside of renewal season can feel cumbersome and time consuming. However, maintaining contact throughout the year will help you keep a pulse on your STMs' attitude and actions, which can, in turn, influence whether or not they intend to renew.

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Why it matters

Season Ticket Members are the most valuable group in a sports organization's fanbase. They spend the most money annually and are considered the most loyal segment of fans. Retaining these fans is imperative, as replacing their value to the organization would require extensive time and effort.

Season Ticket Members are the most valuable group in a sports organization's fanbase.

Getting started

Establish daily goals

Set 2-3 goals for reps to work toward in each program. Examples for this play might include:

  • # of touchpoints
  • % connected touchpoints
  • % fans moved to the next status

Identify segments to target

Using the Plans segmentation in the audience builder, create your audience of current Season Ticket Members.

You can also layer on additional attributes to break the audience down further, for example, STMs by price code or engagement level.

Create list filters

You can add tags to your audience sub-segments, and those tags will be available as filters in your reps' lead lists. This will allow reps to focus on one group of fans at a time without having to sort through everybody else.

Set up your program

  1. When creating your program, choose your Season Ticket Member audience (and/or your subsegments).
  2. Set up a workflow that matches the goals of your program. For example, make a status for each time you want your reps to check in with their STMs. (See below)
  3. Add the team members you want to work the program. If you have reps assigned in your ticketing platform, you may want to select  “Only assign fans with ticketing reps.” Then you can manually assign any fans that are left.

Tip - For a “services” program, you will want a customized workflow vs. the available default. Our clients have seen success with something like this:

You can customize the Contacted statuses to reflect the touchpoint frequency you want (ie, “Contacted — January”)

Measuring Success

Keeping in touch with Season Ticket Members doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming. Working a service program easily lets you track your touchpoints and ensure that your Season Ticket Members are getting the love they need. 🤗

After the program has wrapped, consider using what you learned to inform your Season Ticket Renewal Play (i.e. fans identified as high risk, unable to contact, etc.).