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Grow registrations & engagement with a unique giveaway 🏆

📈 Grow Registrations
Mobile App
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There are a lot of apps out there, so if you expect to take up space on someone's cluttered home screen, you'd better give them a good reason.

Long-term, great content is the best way to keep an audience, but it takes a lot of time, planning, and hard work. For a quicker win, a giveaway can be a helpful shortcut to kickstart your app launch or supplement your existing user base.

Why it matters

In 2020, LSU added 8,500 registered users in 2 weeks during their “Championship Ring Giveaway.” This giveaway helped get their brand new app off the ground, which now boasts more than 50K registrations.

LSU added 8,500 registered users
in 2 weeks with their giveaway

Getting Started

The main ingredient here is an incentive that will get your fans excited enough to download the app and create an account. It could be an extra piece of merch, a gift card, or a unique experience at the venue. Some great incentives that we’ve seen are:

  • 👕 Interesting team apparel, like a special edition scarf or jersey
  • 💳 A high-value gift card for the team store or a partnering sponsor
  • 🎟 Tickets to a marquee event
  • 😎 A chance to meet a player or attend an autograph session

Need more ideas for giveaways?

Great incentive examples

📱 Announce it in the app!

Once you know what you'll offer, take a few minutes to set up a communication in your app. This will give your current users a chance to enter the contest, plus we'll use this comm to share across channels. You'll want to include:

  • a nice graphic
  • details about the prize
  • how to enter
  • a presenting sponsor (if you have one)


📣 Share the link

From the Communications page, click on the Actions menu of your new comm (look for the three dots).


When the action menu pops up, click Share. This will copy the link to your clipboard so you can paste into other channels!



When you share a link to app content, users who already have the app installed will go directly to your link, while others will be sent to the app store to download. Link sharing is a perfect way to encourage new downloads!


To maximize registrations, share the giveaway on as many channels as possible (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.).


LSU-giveaway-tweet 1



Tip - Don't forget to include Terms & Conditions for your offer! It's an important piece to any giveaway, and terms are very hard to throw together at the last minute.

👀 Track new registrations

Let's create a custom audience to monitor app registrations during the timeframe of the giveaway:

  • On the Audiences page, click + Custom audience. In the left panel of the builder, search for the Profile Source filter.
  • In the middle panel, update the Source fields to Mobile created between [the dates of your giveaway] and then save the audience.

  • Name it something like New Registrations – Giveaway.

✅ "You've been entered!"

When a new fan registers in the app, we want to send them a confirmation that they’ve been entered in the giveaway.

On the Communications page, create an Info Card comm and send to the New Registrations – Giveaway audience.

  • Be sure to check the box at the bottom that says “Also send when new fans enter audience”

Giveaway Success-3

🏆 Announce the winner

Once you’ve selected a winner and contacted them, congratulate them publicly! The winning fan will love it, and it lets other users know that they, unfortunately, did not win the prize.

On the Communications page, create an info card congratulating your winner. Send it to the All Mobile Users audience.

UVA-streak-winner 1

Registered fans are a valuable addition to your fanbase, because mobile accounts can help you learn much more about your fans than the limited data from other platforms

Measuring Success

After the contest, take note of the total number of fans in your “New Registrations” audience. Registered fans are a valuable addition to your data, because the information from an app account can help you learn so much more about your fans (name, email, location, etc.) than the limited information from other platforms.



By clicking on the audience, you can also see more details to help you gain insights on these new fans!